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Cannabis Oil

3 Months and 21 days ago I was using the following prescription medicine (and had been doing so for over 15 years): Prexum Plus, Lomanor, Lexamil, Xanor, Zopivane and Simvastatin. The side effects were obviously not good but I only really realized how bad when I started weaning myself off the meds by using CANNABIS PRODUCTS by CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH. I am glad to say that I am COMPLETELY weaned off ALL prescription medicine and I feel great – BP normal, I sleep like a baby, no mood swings, cholesterol and sugar levels normal, no more bloated feeling in my stomach, the list just goes on and on. At nearly 59 years of age I feel like I have a new lease on life (ask my wife!) and the process of healing is not even over yet.

Whatever your medical condition do not waste one more day before you get your PROTOCOL from CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH to start your journey to a new and better you, toxins will disappear from your body and you will soon be writing your testimonial telling the world about CANNABIS PRODUCTS.

Hein Papenfus
25th Jan 2019


My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10 in 2015 and subsequently put onto Concerta to control her hyperactivity and enable her to concentrate at school. The side-effects of this drug were almost instantaneous. Our happy-go-lucky child became moody, depressed and confrontational. Her appetite was non-existent and she lost weight which she could ill afford as she is petite. Even with changes in the dosages to try and lessen the side-effects, her overall health declined to the point of her being at an all time low of 27kg. She began to have ‘heart cramps’ (as she put it) and when we consulted with our GP, he said to ‘keep and eye’ on this as there have been cases of children having heart attacks caused by Concerta. It goes without saying..we wanted her off the Concerta immediately. We found the solution in micro-dosing with Cannabinoids. She was put onto a protocol of Infused Glycerine Drops, Detox Tea and #3 Capsules. I chose to wean her off the Concerta very slowly so that her body could gently re-balance and the Cannabinoids could then essentially ‘replace’ the Concerta by calming her down so that she could concentrate at school. We decreased the dosage by ¼ every two weeks. At the end of this time period; she was calmer and more focused during class. Her concentration span was much better than when she had been on the medication and her teachers were amazed at the results. Her sleep patterns resumed to normal as the constant restless legs became a thing of the past. We are three years on now and completely back to normal… in fact, her teachers this year cannot believe that she was ever diagnosed with ADHD or even on Concerta. Obviously, diet and exercise play a huge part in the control of this condition, but, with the contribution of the Cannabinoids this is, in my experience and opinion; a more effective, and most importantly, a SAFER solution in helping our children.

Belinda Du Preez
29th Jan 2019

Wonder Plant

For quite some time I’d been following various Cannabis sites singing the healing praises of this WONDER PLANT.

I was also fortunate enough to attend one of the talks on how this plant works at stem cell level to heal from the inside of the body – too long to explain, but I was SOLD!!

I have Lupus and chronic Asthma. Over the years I had been prescribed so much cortisone, in various forms, to open my lungs so that I could breathe. I was so use to being swollen from the cortisone, that I didn’t even notice it anymore.

Just over 3 1/2 years ago I had a terrible scare, I could hardly breathe!!! DRUM ROLL – I finally decided to go on Cannabis.

It has CHANGED my life!!!! My Lupus flare-ups are far and few between, all I still use for my Asthma is my preventative pump, 1 squirt twice a day. Don’t take anything for Lupus because of the horrendous side effects, and feel better than I have in 20 years.

I am a proud user of Cannabis and tell anybody that want’s to listen “this is the ONLY way to go”. I am happy to chat to anybody about my total health turnaround.

Melanie Loubser
25th Feb 2019

Please be aware that in some countries cannabis products are still illegal. While we do not sell or trade in any products ourselves we can put you in touch with various groups working with medical cannabis in your area.