Ritalin – How to get off (child)

The Protocol you requested is as follows based on the information provided.


Costs are for a full 3 month course.


Infused Drops 3 month supply 3 drops on the underside of your tongue mornings and lunchtime
Detox Fuel 3 month supply take ½ teaspoon daily with herbal tea or Milo
3 x Caps No. 3 3 month supply take 1 AFTER dinner (no hot drinks or least 30 mins)
5-HTP (90) 3 month supply Mood control  -Take once a day
Courier   R100

Note: All you really need is the Infused Drops (3 drops twice a day).


The treatment protocol can be gentle to start, and if necessary the evening Cap No. 3 can be replaced with a stronger Cap No. 5 from month 2 (but only if necessary).


If the child is suffering from ADHD, or if the above treatment protocol is not effective for the child, we would then suggest taking Cap No. 3 in the morning (after breakfast) as well as in the evening (after dinner).