Jello Shot 5ml each


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Immediate pain relief
Calms a person down
Destroys toxins
Fights side effects of radiation & chemo
Boosts energy
“Party time fun”
Helps with hangovers
Natural sport enhancer
Migraines, cluster headaches & period pains
Controls aggression in autistic kids

Arga arga seaweed (vegan – the most natural form of iodine)
Fruit juice (tartazine free)
Pain relief 6-8 hours

2-4% / 4-6% THC per volume

The body relaxes

  • Serotonin and endorphin levels increase
  • Kick starts the immune system
  • Great for lupus and fibromyalgia


How many per day?

  • 4 to 5 per day and then some…
  • No limit
  • Squirt 2.5ml or 5ml into mouth when necessary



  • ½ syringe (small), full syringe (large)
  • Squirted into mouth



  • 2 full shots into mouth
  • 5mls per 25kg / 10mls per 50kg
  • 15ml per 75kg / 20mls per 100kg
  • 25mls jello shots daily for 4 weeks prior to a race
  • 35% enhancement and quicker recovery
  • No fleas/ticks as a result

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