The Protocol you requested is as follows based on the information provided.


Costs are for a full 3 month course.


Infused Drops 3 month supply 5 drops on the underside of the tongue mornings and lunchtime
Detox Fuel 3 month supply take 1 teaspoon twice daily with detox tea
3 x Caps No. 5

Indica-dominant strain

3 month supply

‘extra strain’

take 1 at night AFTER dinner (no hot drinks for 30 mins)
3 x Collagen 60 3 month supply 1 capsule twice a day for 3 months
Melatonin 60 2 month supply 1 capsule an hour before bedtime
10 x Jello-shots   Take 1 at bedtime – wean off sleeping pills over 10 days
Courier   R100